Professional Development Services

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How We Work 

With Districts: At the highest level, our leadership consultants  work as strategic thought partners with district leadership to address systemic issues, typically around leadership capacity, cultural proficiency, mathematics, or literacy. Working alongside district leaders and coaches, we help to build their depth and expertise in the specific areas.

With Schools: The second level of work is at the school leadership level, working with Principals, APs and coaches to improve their practice to have a greater impact on the school environment and instruction. We help improve student learning by creating leadership management organizational systems that connect district-level and school leadership priorities to clearly defined, measurable instructional goals.

With Teachers: Finally, we provide shoulder-to-shoulder, job-embedded professional development for teachers. We work with teachers to improve their teaching practices through demonstration lessons and coaching so they can have a more positive impact on children.

 Our engagements offer customized formats that can include Job-Embedded Coaching, Workshops, Institutes, Virtual-Coaching, Data Collecting and Academic Audits

Our modules are offered for a variety of audiences including District or School-Level Leader, Individuals and Teams, and Cohorts of Schools.





We will match you with an expert, content area consultant that will model best practices, demonstrate effective reading and writing strategies and develop the capacity of your staff to plan and implement lessons for the diverse needs of all learners.




We will match you with an expert, content area consultant that will empower your staff to build their mathematical capacity as we model effective math instruction and help deepen teachers’ understanding of the Next Generation Standards .


culturally responsive


We will develop your staff's capacity to ensure an equitable education for all students regardless of gender, socio-economic status or ethnic origin so that every child is able to succeed.





Our content specific consultants will work with teachers virtually to support them with improving instructional practice. 

Our goal is to support teachers in building capacity across schools by developing a more powerful and coherent culture around instructional practices.






Our leadership consultants are former school leaders who have extensive experience in supporting new and veteran school leaders. We will match you with an expert leadership consultant that will assist you in meeting your goals.




SPECIAL EDUCATION/ Multi Language Learners

We’ll coach your teachers in content, classroom and behavioral management to minimize barriers that frequently prevent students with special needs from successfully meeting grade-level standards.