Higher Learning Network recognizes the importance of working with existing schools in communities that are struggling to demonstrate adequate progress with students’ academic success and operational efficiency. Through the use of researched based and proven techniques in the areas of school culture and academic growth, our team will provide a tailored plan to assist schools in “Turning the Corner” and moving toward the path of consistent success.

Sustainable, systemic change requires an in-depth knowledge of where you and your students are and where you KNOW you want you and your students to be in their academic and personal achievement. With confidence and confidentiality, we will assess your school-wide systems’ implementation affecting culture, climate, classroom instruction, and the development of capacity at all levels. A combination of observations, brief interviews, focus groups, and available campus data analysis will be utilized to provide a framework for school improvement.

Through authentic partnerships with our clients, we align best practices focusing on leadership coaching, engaging collaboration, progressive planning and strategic consultation with their assessed strengths to affect systemic change within schools.