Working with school leaders and teachers, Higher Learning Network’s goal is to elevate student achievement through job-embedded professional learning. Strategically planned to achieve the goals and benefits of professional development, our professional development initiatives derive success through experiential learning and encompass the eight tenants of professional development:

  • Case Study Method,
  • Consultation, Coaching,
  • Communities of Practice,
  • Lesson Study, Mentoring,
  • Reflective Supervision,
  • and Technical Assistance.

All of our content specific consultants have at least 10 years in the classroom as content area specific instructors and have also served in building and district level leadership roles. Our consultants employ the gradual release model, focusing on the following:

  • Observation
  • Planning
  • Demonstration Lessons (Modeling)
  • Co-Teaching (Guided Practice)
  • Professional Feedback

How We Work

With Districts:

At the highest level, our leadership consultants  work as strategic thought partners with district leadership to address systemic issues, typically around leadership capacity, cultural proficiency, mathematics, or literacy. Working alongside district leaders and coaches, we help to build their depth and expertise in the specific areas.

With Schools:

The second level of work is at the school leadership level, working with Principals, APs and coaches to improve their practice to have a greater impact on the school environment and instruction. We help improve student learning by creating leadership management organizational systems that connect district-level and school leadership priorities to clearly defined, measurable instructional goals.

With Teachers:

Finally, we provide shoulder-to-shoulder, job-embedded professional development for teachers. We work with teachers to improve their teaching practices through demonstration lessons and coaching so they can have a more positive impact on children.

Our engagements offer customized formats that can include Job-Embedded Coaching, Workshops, Institutes, Virtual-Coaching, Data Collecting and Academic Audits.

Our modules are offered for a variety of audiences including District or School-Level Leader, Individuals and Teams, and Cohorts of Schools.

Social Emotional Learning

Higher Learning Network recognizes that it is important for students to be aware of SEL skills. Our expert consultants will assist you with beginning the process of exploring ways to introduce and implement a program that will support :

  • Diversity & Inclusion
    Boys and girls learn to recognize and appreciate one another’s similarities and differences while promoting a community environment in and outside of the classroom.
  • Empathy & Critical Thinking
    Children develop empathy (the ability to identify with and understand another person’s emotions), reduce stereotyped thinking, and learn critical thinking skills.
  • Communication
    Healthy and unhealthy communication patterns are explored, and boys and girls practice effective ways of engaging with others.
  • Problem Solving
    Students learn constructive approaches to resolving conflict, focusing on conflict-resolution steps that facilitate healthy relationship patterns.
  • Peer Relationships
    Boys and girls practice positive social skills and learn the qualities that are important to friendship, the consequences of bullying, and how to provide peers with support.
Our implementation specialists will work with you to successfully onboard and integrate your chosen SEL curriculum into your community so your students and teachers can thrive.

“I have worked with my leadership and literacy consultant from Higher Learning Network during my tenure as principal of PS 125. Through all collective efforts of the consultant and the staff, we have gone from being one of the lowest performing elementary schools in district 5 to being one of the highest performing schools. In addition to the school’s improved academic status,  my PPO (Principal’s Performance Observation) visit was rated effective in all categories . PS 125 now has protocols and procedures in place to monitor the instructional program with more fidelity. Also, I am more knowledgeable of the new MPPR rubric being used for the principal’s evaluation as evidenced by the Superintendent’s request for me to share my knowledge with my colleagues during the district training meetings. I would recommend the services of Higher Learning Network for any principal who is seeking experienced consultants in specific content areas including leadership support.”

– Reginald Higgins, Principal
05M125 The Ralph Bunche School
Harlem, NY  –  District 5