Higher Learning Network’s team of Business Operations Specialists will work with your existing School Operations  Team to develop and implement structures, policies, and procedures that will ensure that your School Operations Team is efficient and effective in the following areas:

Operations Staff Management:

  • In coordination with the School Leader, directly hire, manage, train, and develop school operations staff that may include office manager, school secretary, receptionist, custodians, cafeteria aides, operations assistants, bus coordinators, security, etc.
  • Monitor overall quality of operations performance and customer service at the school, analyzing service performance and customer satisfaction data to set improvement goals with School Leader

 Academic Administration

  • Manage major academic-related systems and activities as delegated by the School Leader, including student enrollment/lottery/intake, school scheduling, student data management, new staff onboarding, reporting to internal and external stakeholders, etc. (In coordination with school secretary/office manager, data/analytics, and compliance staff.)

Finance & Accounting

  • Support annual development, management, and reporting of School’s annual budget in collaboration with School Leader to ensure on-budget results.
  • Review and approve spending (check requests, purchase orders, reimbursements, etc.) up to agreed-upon thresholds; prepare larger expense requests for review by School Leader
  • Ensure staff responsible for departments, programs, or projects with budgets have the financial data they need to make appropriate decisions.


  • Manage those purchasing, procurement, and inventory management responsibilities handled at the school level including vendor management and securing administrative supplies, instructional materials, furniture, and equipment.


  • Understand and ensure school is aligned with all federal, state, and local legal and compliance requirements and regulations, with support from regional office compliance specialist staff.

Data Management

  • With support and resources from the school’s leadership staff, ensure school level data on students, families, staff, courses, etc. is entered into the schools designated systems accurately and on-time for use for teaching/learning and compliance reporting, delegating to Officer Manager or other staff as appropriate.

Facilities & Maintenance

  • Directly provide on-site facilities and maintenance management or coordinate with facilities staff to: Proactively ensure school building is clean, well-maintained, safe, secure, and meeting educational needs. Respond to facilities, maintenance, and equipment requests from staff, assign to custodial staff and vendors, and resolve according to region-wide service standards.

Transportation & Food Services

  • Establish and maintain strong, accountable relationships with transportation and food service partners to ensure timely, reliable, safe, on-budget, and fully compliant delivery of services and accurate reporting and financial management; and/or coordinate with centralized transportation and food service staff.


  • Track and monitor technology needs of school-based staff and report issues, challenges, and opportunities